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Snuffles the dog with two noses

Snuffles the dog with two noses

Snuffles The dog who gifted two noses by nature found a new home

Everything in this world has some purpose and if someone has any fault then we have no right to oppress him/her due to natural fault. But even knowing this fact; we do oppress physical victims by nature. Same happened to a dog named as "Snuffles”. It has two noses and it has been rejected by five families due to this fault. But fortunately, a animal rescue shelter adopted "Snuffles The dog with two noses” and started finding out a new home for him. They launched an appeal and were amused to see huge number of responses. Many people around the world were ready to adopt this dog but they had to choose one best.

Finally the new care taker of Snuffles was allowed to go for a walk for him and he was very excited to adopt this dog. According to reports, Snuffles will be given to an East Lothian family who has all resources to take care of it.